Gadget of the year 2018

Arlo Camera

Arlo Camera system (US$430) A lot of people are a big fan of this new breed of indoor security cams but the hidden charges in these products stem from the monthly subscription for storing video in the cloud. Arlo offers 7 days of free cloud recording which is better than competitors and the camera is pretty much the same IMHO.

Ambi Climate
Ambi Climate  (US$129) If you ever sleep with air con and feel hot when you get to bed and freezing cold in the morning, this is the must-have gadget for you that will pay for itself multiple times over. The temperature you “feel” in your room is a function of humidity, actual temperature and outside temperature and your body heat. All of these factors change during the night, typically for the cooler and that’s why you feel cold when you wake up. Ambi Climate (an HK based startup) adjusts your aircon with AI through the night to make sure it’s always the perfect temperature. Saving money and shivering bones.  

Bose Quietcomfort 35

Bose Quietcomfort 35 (US$350) I always used to hate on those people that boarded flights with huge cans on their heads. I mean seriously, how good could this so called noise cancelling be to sacrifice looking cool? Well I know I am seriously late to this game but with the introduction of the best-selling Quietcomforts in wireless meant that I finally took the plunge.

Yes it is amazing and yes I can’t take a flight without them and yes you were right the whole time. Just buy them  

Airpods (US$129)

The second year this makes it to the list because they simply are the best headphones for daily use. Right now these are the one reason that I am not moving to Android.  However, Airpods 2 are coming out in April so maybe hold fire. They aren’t like to be a huge improvement but if like mine, your battery is getting weak then better to wait a few months.


Aaptiv (~US$60/yr)

Having tried a bunch of app-based workouts this is by far the best one.  Firstly they are fully audio-guided, so you don’t need to watch a video. It can multitask so during breaks you can still use your phone if you really need. Has everything from HIIT workouts to stretches to mediation.  All with varying durations to fit in the time that you have.

Image result for tassel lightning cable
Tassel Lightening Cable

Tassel Lightening Cable (US$60)

Because even gadgets can look cute. Great stocking filler

Image result for dyson airwrap

Dyson Airwrap (US$550)

Using some mind-bending physics to curl hair instantly and with less fuss.   Makes me want to grow my hair just to use one


Air Fryer (US$83)

Another example of mind-bending tech that uses almost zero oil to “deep fry” various foods from fries to even “baking” cakes in minutes. Uses some fancy physics tech that I don’t really understand. Finally, you can have guilt-free chicken wings and sweet potato fries!  You have to see it to believe it.

Image result for bolt portable charger
Bolt charger

Bolt Portable charger (US$30)

Super-fast charger for iPhone and USB devices. Simple

Phillips connected lightbulbs

Phillips connected lightbulbs (US$50)

Because walking into your house and saying “Alexa turn on my lights” and your lights turn on or “Alexa it’s Movie time” and all your lights are dimmed perfectly makes me feel like I am in the Jetsons.

Razer microphone

Razer Microphone for game streamers (US$199)

Because all those mums that told you that you amount to nothing if you played video games all day were dead wrong. A guy called Ninja plays Fortnite and makes more money than you

iRobot Mop

The iRobot Braava Robot Mop (Yes, Mop!) (US$178)

We asked for Autonomous cars and we got Autonomous…mops. Well it’s a start. At least we don’t have to choose between the killing the Grandma or a kid just yet.

AI, voice connected, heated Jacket (US$495)

My favourite men’s clothing supplier (ex Nasa design engineers making functional men’s clothing) have made an AI, voice controlled, heated jacket. The project blew Kickstarter apart and is now actually shipping. If I didn’t live in one of the hottest cities in the world I would definitely buy one

Surface Book 2

Microsoft Surface Laptop (US$688)

As most of you know I have been a huge Apple aficionado for decades now.  Everything in my house is Apple, until this year.  I looked at replacing my Macbook air and was appalled at how expensive the MacBook pro was and how once you had paid almost US$3k for the machine you then were forced to buy a bunch of converter cables as it has USB C ports, not USB.  I deleted my basket and bought the pro version of this (the difference is that it’s more powerful and the screen detaches which I like). Having a touchscreen laptop is a game changer and the laptop is zippy and great to use. I haven’t missed Mac OS once. Now I realise how easy it was to extract myself from Apple..what will be next?

Pixel 3 (US$770)

Outside of the very cool efficiency tools that they provide on Pixel, for me, the camera in low light conditions is mind boggling.  Google fully leverages their AI tech to turn the single camera into a photo taking machine that is more powerful than a US$10k DSLR and let us know even start on the poor quality pics that iPhones take in comparison. Click the link to see what I mean

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